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What is a Torchbearer?
Texas Torchbearers are everyday citizens committed to advancing self-government by engaging their community and working to hold those in power at all levels of government accountable for their actions.
What activities do Torchbearers preform?
From volunteering with campaigns, to attending regularly held government and community group meetings, there is something for Torchbearers to do. Everything from block walking and phone banking to writing letters to the editor and calling elected officials about issues you care about, Torchbearers are encouraged to pick up their torch of freedom and make a difference in our communities.
What is an activity?
Anything that you do that helps further the cause of freedom and limited government is an activity that we endorse! For ways that you can actually earn Lumens, see list of tasks under the “Earning Lumens” sections on the About page.
What is a Lumen?
“Lumen” is a scientific term used to measure the amount of light emitted from a given source. “Torchbearer Lumens” are a patriot’s term used to measure how actively you are fighting for freedom and liberty in your community!
What is Empower Texans?
Formed in 2006, Empower Texans – and our premier project Texans for Fiscal Responsibility – provides Texans with news and information about the issues facing the Lone Star State. Texans must be informed about policy solutions consistent with the principles of individual liberty and free markets. We seek policy outcomes that provide increasing levels of economic liberty and opportunity for all Texans by controlling the size of government. Government power and reach must be strictly limited, with elected officials held accountable by active and informed citizens. We have offices in Dallas, Houston, Midland, the Rio Grande Valley, and Austin.
What are the benefits of increasing levels?
The benefits of moving up in the program are immeasurable. You cannot put a price on what Torchbearers bring to our community. However, we also feel like Torchbearers should be rewarded for all of their hard work! There is a built-in rewards structure in addition to regularly scheduled projects where you can earn some really cool rewards!

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