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What is a Torchbearer?

These are the people willing to shine a light so that others can work more effectively. The Texas Torchbearer Initiative is open to anyone willing to lead by example in their community by exposing what those in power would rather leave hidden.

When you become a Torchbearer, the Empower Texans staff work with you, building your knowledge and helping you to grow your sphere of influence, while preparing for effective engagement. We only ask that Torchbearers commit to shining the bright light of liberty in their communities.

For those Texans willing to be Torchbearers, we provide tools and services to help them lead others in more effective public engagement on the ideas of liberty. The result will be a more brightly shining Lone Star State.


Recent Activities

Attend political meet...
Melanie G. / April 2019
Call Your Representat...
Melanie G. / April 2019
Attend political meet...
Melanie G. / April 2019
Speak at Local Govern...
Melanie G. / April 2019
Testify at Legislativ...
Maggie W. / April 2019

Torchbearer Leaderboard

Rank Name City Lumens
1 Steve W. Colleyville 72,550
2 Chris W. Corsicana 67,700
3 Jim B. Lubbock 50,250
4 Maggie W. Burleson 40,800
5 Tiffany P. Pasadena 37,650
6 Jennifer B. Weatherford 35,350
7 Michael O. Plano 30,700
8 Joel S. Fort Worth 25,950
9 Sarah N. Dallas 25,700
10 Fran R. Fort Worth 22,500